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Custom Consulting

Consulting / Coaching

Consultants who will listen, create, and repeat to ensure your ideas are refined and your culture is setup for success.

Technology Programs

With 20 years of experience in biotechnology, chemical process, IT, and semiconductors, we can help solve any scientific problem or make any process more lean.

Workshops / Speaking

Whether you need to build the story for your brand or for social good, we can design an experience to ensure your team can make a continued impact.

Our Specialty

Right Thought. Right Speech. Right Action.


Strategic thinking in advance of the competition!
Consilience Now ensures that everyone knows your purpose and has line of sight between their work and what winning looks like. We design strategy to take advantage of your niche and tactics that compel action custom to your culture. Consilience Now helps you to start with your motivating reason why you exist and end at winning market share and profitability.

Business processes your most important intangible assets. If people are your most valuable tangible asset (and we hope they are) than the business processes that align their efforts to the thing your customer values is your most valuable intangible asset.
Consilience Now makes business processes practical to utilize and custom to your needs. In other words, lean and mean (well at least to your competition).

Through converging and diverging thought, finding inspiration in listening and by “making,” Design Thinking offers a thought process capable of evolving a human-centered solution.
Customers and creativity are central to design thinking, so if you are interested in invention or innovation that will thrill your clients, call Consilience Now to put Design Thinking to work.

The scientific method is a terrific merger of creativity and reason, insight and sharing. Designed experiments, data analysis, and peer review offer the highest level of ‘proof’ available from any thought process. Consilience Now covers all STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) disciplines use of the scientific method.We have over 20 years experience using the Scientific Method to solve problems in research, manufacturing, social service, and academia by utilizing big data, data science, and fundamental scientific theories.

Choose Consilience Now For Your CUSTOMIZED Consulting Needs.

Contact Consilience Now to give your ideas structure so they can optimize their value. Let us help you form a killer culture around your product, service, or non-profit offering.

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A balanced perspective cannot be acquired by studying disciplines in pieces but through pursuit of the consilience among them… To the extent that the gaps between the great branches of learning can be narrowed, diversity and depth of knowledge will increase… The enterprise is important for yet another reason: It gives the ultimate purpose to intellect. It promises that order, not chaos, lies beyond the horizon. I think it inevitable that we will accept the adventure, go there, and find out.

E.O. Wilson